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Source: Media Stockade The Supreme Court of New South Wales today released the full judgment of 8th July 2016, unequivocally dismissing former Papua New Guinean politician Dame Carol Kidu’s claim for a permanent injunction preventing filmmaker Hollie Fifer, Media Stockade and Beacon Films from screening the documentary The Opposition. On 20 March 2016 Carol Kidu […]

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Is the Earth maxed out, or should we be optimistic abut being able to solve our future? At TED2012 last week, Paul Gilding made the case for the former, and Peter Diamandis argued for the latter. And then: they debated onstage. Watch the video above to find out what happened.

Want to talk about it too? Paul Gilding just started a TED Conversation to continue the debate. Join the conversation >>

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Here we have it!

The big news over the weekend were the reforms announced by NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli linking teacher pay to professional standards and giving principals greater control of their school funding budget.  It’s been described as the ‘greatest revolution to hit NSW education in 50 years” and while I don’t wish to disagree with the intent here, I think we need to see this policy position as the next stage in an iterative process that has been underway for sometime.

The policy recognises what we already know about effective teaching and teachers.

In some ways, these reforms are moving closer to Finland’s model where for the past 20 years schools are autonomous and teachers have the authority to do what is needed to improve student learning.  Pasi Sahlberg, Finland’s Director General of Education said recently that this was one of the keys to their international success.

I think we…

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Reading every day, keeps your brain in play!

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Today we live in a world full of digital information. Yet reading has never been more important, for we know that for young people the ability to read is the door opener to the 21st century: to hold a job, to understand their world, and to know themselves. That is why we are asking you to join our Global Literacy Call to Action: We call this campaign: “Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.” We are asking parents, teachers, school and business leaders, and the general public to support their children’s right to read for a better life in the digital world of the 21st century.

Here is what we believe about reading in the second decade of the 21st century.

We call this The Reading Bill of Rights:  The Reading Bill of Right! A Child’s Right to Read.

WE BELIEVE that literacy – the ability to read…

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Our Generation


Our Generation

A must see documentary!

This screening of Our Generation, a film on Aboriginal Rights encouraged a community of smiles to gather at the BexHill Hall on the 4th of May.

With Indigenous Elders from the Bundjalung tribe providing the community with incredible knowledge, sharing their stories of the past, not only taught, inspired, and blessed all that filled the screening, but gave incredible insight towards sustaining such a rich beautiful culture with the Indigenous being truly connected to the land. Being immersed in such an energy that filled the room, brought the tear droplets, however going away with a feeling knowing that the mindset is changing made the true impact. If all were to be educated on the trauma that the indigenous have faced and are still facing from the governments than a revolution will begin. Don’t harm others as others should not harm you. This world should listen to its primary life forces, as they are the only things that matter. Give back to what gives so much. The change in mindset is here and now.