A little of this, a little of that.


“Education must provide the opportunities for self-fulfillment; it can at best provide a rich and challenging environment for the individual to explore, in his own way.”

Noam Chomsky.


Now in reverse- 2012

Mayan calendar predicts every catastrophic event- Before Human Evolution?


As life is sustained on earth and humans are evolving with education towards life as we know it today, 2012 is a technological era that has began. Technology allows us to explore the depths of the universe discovering what was unmeasurable, through physics computers, and mathematics to understand life as a cosmic imperative. Prior to 2012, we see history has shaped itself towards discovering the possibilities of the universe. Taken with time, aliens being perceived as a mythical creature, has left us open with the question, ‘Who are we?”

Taking ourselves back to the time where giants roamed with dinosaurs, did we ever think the giant could possibly own a mansion over looking the Bahamas with not one but two ferraris. Seen through evolution and the passing ages, has communities not only formed to collaborate ideas as one, but societies based upon education built extraordinary creations, with delegating roles to conform to construct. With systems in place, come ownership and hierarchy with the chain of command. With the chain of command, brought power, and with power it is now showing the effects on equality among those who are unfortunate enough to fit within the system who clearly just do not benefit. With mass amounts of production and a consumerist society, based on providing economic growth and education towards those that can support the system, clearly creates a problem. With such an amazing world that sustains so much life, comes with it greed, that leaves a destruction path with it’s filthy quality. Education as a source of life and growth, which provides opportunities for all to grow now has a price, simply to sustain and support a system that provides no back up plan if all else fails. To know that an ecosystem that has sustained life for perhaps infinite years, can be demolished by greed with such corporate and governmental control, benifits those who are in favour of what?

Ancient artefacts fill the world and preserve a message that has been presented for those who are curious enough to want to know the answer. However an educational system that has purely been shaped by those that sustain high levels of power and control, seclude us from the reality and suppress us with fear. Are we humans in a cycle that has been evolving for infinite years, or are we blind by what is actually around us, being too ignorant to care?

As you see these artefacts, such as the wonders of the world, yes….. that actually exist, and humans do not know how to physically construct such masterpieces to this day and age. Isn’t it safe to say earth has been visited by a higher intelligence? So to speak, would it not be obvious that we will be exposed to those creators of the monuments in time, as we have gathered the knowledge to sustain the truths.

We as beings are smart, and we have learnt. Todays awareness of the universe has expanded exponentially. With that comes the knowledge of expanding our consciousness and the possibilities of what could possibly be sustained. With billions of other planets out there, in multiple solar systems within the universe, provides us with another question….How significant are we actually? I believe this highlights how much we have to learn, in terms of developing education. Through currently studying education and viewing it through a system that creates no expansion towards the evolution of sociality and the interaction of all, only suppresses the mind and creates the value with children’s engagement worth assessing. If the curriculum only comprises children towards thinking inside of the box and doesn’t open up opportunities for the children to aspire towards their dreams and aspirations, then fundamentally the future withholds little change? Shown through statistics from NASA, life is a cosmic imperative, and I would like to see education go down the path of other intellectual knowledge, that withholds greater opportunity to expand the minds percentage, rather than worrying about life’s competition in a rat race of performing roles to make the system proud and loud. Children should really open up their minds to how big this universe really is and expand on their consciousness to take further generations on a journey that is light years away from this 2012’s civilisation.

If humanity decides to leave planet Earth, which they already are, and this world withholds a catastrophic change that could possibly wipe out with it humanity, then those artefacts left behind by what our current generation, creates another mystery on Earth. Perhaps people survive catastrophic changes and as human beings being educated on survival allowed them to through, say an ice age, reproducing young which inevitably are the new era of civilisation. With no education as to how and why the old structures and artefacts were there, they are left with the puzzle to solve, which includes “Who are we?”. As for the short cuts and helpful hints left all around the world, such as the hidden archaeological discoveries of giant bone structures found and peru’s landing strips and mountain carvings, not to mention all the other beautiful mysteries around the world. Surely enough, the information that has been eradicated from the public domain, could have, and should have been used as a tool to educate us all towards “why we are really here?” and “where do we go next?”. Possibly, there is a clear cut explanation for all these amazing discoveries, and it will happen with the return of the star people with a new cycle beginning in 2013. What has been talked about for decades, the astrological phenomena with planetary alignment, and the Mayan calendar coming to an end is perceived to be announced as a new era.

There are endless possibilities out there and opening our minds as to how significant we really are and how many times evolution could have occurred leaves me puzzled. Quantum physics creates an opening where there is endless possibilities. By expanding our consciousness as towards endless possibilities and shaping our worlds with positive thoughts our minds think beyond the ideas that inspire us, creating a revolution itself.

Dreams are shaped by our minds reality, if we live our dreams and create possibilities that inspire new ways of thinking, than we shape the world we live in with energy that reinforces growth. Conforming to a system that suppresses our dreams through competing within society, we stop the interaction with all and forget about why we were created as individuals. By following our dreams we will soon see that our minds create opportunities that are incomprehensible. Just like a cave man in BC times, owning his own private jet. Anything is possible, as our minds can create anything.

Dream big! Inspire our existence with the heart!

Educational Revolution.


“Finland’s educational system. Fascinating thing about three decades ago Finland has an educational system that is doing terribly and they look around and they go okay what are we going to do about this, we gotta revamp the whole thing.” Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss the revolutionary educational system Finland has instituted and the results of that system on the education of their children.

Shape the future, an idea that has inspired.

Life is indeed the universe.

I guess theres been many tales of achievements left behind with a Universe that is so giving. I think about my life and where i have started off, stepping out of my comfortable bubble in Byron Bay, to discover the beauties of accomplishing my goals. And inspirational stories continue to flourish the the world with new ideas, that change and shape this world with it’s beauty. Simple ideas or complex, the world will keep spinning and with the one motion, it will change. I guess change for me is a blessing. I rely on change to keep me busy. I feel the constant change in energy, and understand my feelings and process my thoughts to inevitably benefit. With positive vibrations that consist out of bliss, my life changes and i feel inspired. Inspired by those who accomplish and feel the need for change and enjoy stepping out of their comfort bubble to create an inspired vision, I feel shall attract and accomplish their dreams. My dreams throughout, act upon my heart. That constant beat which is filled with nothing but loves liquid, passing through the body. When the rush comes, its almost like my dreams a full blown reality, one of which has been blown away by how quickly time has passed and change has occurred. With my dreams being accomplished one by one I now set my vision. A new goal that is inspired by all those that are willing for change. Change with an inspired future, that is dominated by the truth, love and youth. For youth is the future, and the future is ours.

A project proposed by love, I wish to dedicate the next years and blogs towards those that are inspired towards change, as i follow my goals and watch those around me accomplish also. 2012 is an inspired year, and with it is a new energy. Change is constant, and nothing is static. I shall teach for diversity, not for conformity, and embrace all positive energy that comes, not focus on disapproved thoughts, that suppress the mind of its capabilities.