Life is indeed the universe.

I guess theres been many tales of achievements left behind with a Universe that is so giving. I think about my life and where i have started off, stepping out of my comfortable bubble in Byron Bay, to discover the beauties of accomplishing my goals. And inspirational stories continue to flourish the the world with new ideas, that change and shape this world with it’s beauty. Simple ideas or complex, the world will keep spinning and with the one motion, it will change. I guess change for me is a blessing. I rely on change to keep me busy. I feel the constant change in energy, and understand my feelings and process my thoughts to inevitably benefit. With positive vibrations that consist out of bliss, my life changes and i feel inspired. Inspired by those who accomplish and feel the need for change and enjoy stepping out of their comfort bubble to create an inspired vision, I feel shall attract and accomplish their dreams. My dreams throughout, act upon my heart. That constant beat which is filled with nothing but loves liquid, passing through the body. When the rush comes, its almost like my dreams a full blown reality, one of which has been blown away by how quickly time has passed and change has occurred. With my dreams being accomplished one by one I now set my vision. A new goal that is inspired by all those that are willing for change. Change with an inspired future, that is dominated by the truth, love and youth. For youth is the future, and the future is ours.

A project proposed by love, I wish to dedicate the next years and blogs towards those that are inspired towards change, as i follow my goals and watch those around me accomplish also. 2012 is an inspired year, and with it is a new energy. Change is constant, and nothing is static. I shall teach for diversity, not for conformity, and embrace all positive energy that comes, not focus on disapproved thoughts, that suppress the mind of its capabilities.


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