About us!

Awakening to recognise the total magnificence of… this moment When clouds disappear, the clear sky is all-ways here

Dropping off all my thoughts of past and future, I awaken to recognise how luscious and amazing the moment truely is.

Dropping off all my thoughts of past and future, I awaken to recognise how infinitely luscious and magical my being in the moment truely is.

Letting go of all my thoughts of past and future I awaken to recognise how infinitely luscious and gorgeous your being truely is, in this moment.

Letting go of all my thoughts of past and future, simply resting in my own heart I awaken to recognising how infinitely luscious and magestical all beings truely are in this moment.

Breathing out all clouds of thoughts of past and future, I breathe in to fully recieve for myself the clear sky of pure love and joy in this moment.

Dropping off all thoughts of past and future, simply being in my own heart, I real-eyes that

pure-joy is always being in the moment.

Freedom is always already here and now in every moment and love is all-ways here in the moment with each…breath.

We always love our self and each other we always thank ourself and each other and we are eternally grateful to the infinite spirit of pure love-consciousness and joy forever loving us.

in this moment…in each  and Every MOMENT!


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